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 We are a non-profit organization, and we want to share expert advice with you at no cost to help you take action RIGHT NOW

Our Mission

Help Families through Education

HomeBuyers Alliance Believes

EVERYONE deserves safe, affordable housing to protect themselves and their families. We have a lot of work to do to get there. Through educational outreach, we aim to help renters save money to be able to buy a home and help homeowners save money and make smart choices to be able to keep the home they own.



40% of individuals still say they cannot cover a $400 emergency expense. Can you afford to be in that position?


Have you thought about how you can protect your biggest investment – your new home? Ready to protect what matters most?


You can take steps to lower your risk for heart disease by getting screened. Getting screened is simple! It’s painless, non-invasive.


Wouldn’t it be nice to know whenever a home system breaks down, you don’t have to pay thousands ouf of pocket?

Start taking the right steps for YOU AND your family

Our mission is to give every consumer the tools necessary to make the best decisions for themselves and their families. Often these decisions are about the costs of maintaining, owning or renting a home, but they also include personal safety and comfort. 

Protect Your Biggest Investment

We pay it forward to inspire more residents to protect their homes and families to save tens of thousands.

Lend a Helping Hand

We are a 501 c3 Federal chartered non-profit organization and our mission is to help educate families about all of the ways that can improve their life.

Save on Your Monthly Payments

We hope to help families save on their monthly payments from unpredictable expenses that may leave you and your family in a difficult financial situation.

Donate today

If you would like to donate to HomeBuyers Alliance, we welcome all donations, and they are tax-deductible. Whether it is $10, $25, $100 or more, it will help us further our mission of educating homeowners just like you about areas of critical importance