Homebuyers Alliance has done the hard work for you

Homebuyers Alliance is a 501c3 Non-profit charity focused on helping homeowners and renters to save more of their hard earned money.  We focus on educating people and helping them navigate complex choices to come out on top.

Whether you are a small employer or employee, often your pay is automatically deposited into your bank account and you no longer receive a paystub, but Landlords and Mortgage Lenders still require paystubs as proof of income for an apartment or home mortgage.  We have developed a simple online tool for re-creating your paystub in formats that landlords and mortgage lenders can easily understand.

Why are Paystubs still required

Landlords require a simple, easy to email document for their records showing the full details of renter income.  If a small business employer is only doing electronic deposits, and has not hired a payroll company, they may not have access to tools to help their employees fulfill this need.  The same is true for Mortgage Lenders.  When a renter is first approaching a lender to apply for a new mortgage, employees must provide their Paystubs as proof of income for the loan.  Our simple automated tools will help you to complete this paperwork for yourself or your employee using the information from their individualized payroll records.  

Our online tool will be launching here very soon, so stay tuned.  If your small business is interested in a subscription service, please let us know, as we are considering offering this service for small businesses with less than 10 employees.