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EVERYONE deserves safe, affordable housing to protect themselves and their families. We have a lot of work to do to get there. Through educational outreach, we aim to help renters save money to be able to buy a home and help homeowners save money and make smart choices to be able to keep the home they own.

Our Mission

Preserving, Promoting & Protecting the American Dream


Our team is constantly working to identify needs in the community and develop programs to improve the living, working and savings conditions for American Families.  The promise of the American Dream doesn’t need to remain just a promise.  Non-profits working together with businesses and government can help American Families to achieve the American Dream, including Homeownership.  It takes hard work, savings, and sometimes a little help from people like us.


Healthcare costs represent 15% of the household budget for most American families, and Prescription drugs are one of the highest areas of spending.  It should not be considered discretionary because medication is critical to managing health conditions, but all too often American Families have tough tradeoffs to make, and sometimes their health is how they pay the price.  Working with industry partners and pharmacies, HBA has built a FREE program for all Americans whether they have health insurance prescription drug coverage or not.  This free savings program is a discount coupon to use at most major pharmacies.  Please visit www.cheaperrx.org to learn more.


AI is a revolutionary technology.  Since November 2022, most people have heard of ChatGPT.  But AI has been around much longer than 2022, with most people not realizing that their favorite features on Amazon, Google and elsewhere have been aided by AI technologies for years.  It is now just reaching the tipping point of ease of use, power and cost.  The challenge is that because of this, many jobs are at risk of being replaced with AI supported technologies.  But it doesn’t have to be this way.  AI won’t be stopped, an it shouldn’t be.  However, responsible implementation of AI technologies is CRITICAL to ensure that the American Dream remains achievable, and that the social promise that our culture makes to our citizens isn’t broken, or it could cause massive civil unrest.   We have developed an approach to help companies with the responsible implementation of AI technology focused on human-first benefits, preserving employment, improving the quality of work, and avoiding layoffs due to automation.  We have gathered a team of experts, and are working towards a training program for people interested in responsible AI use in business and government to ensure a human-first way of implementing the technology.  Visit www.UpGPT.ai to learn more

HomeBuyers Alliance

 We are a non-profit organization, and we want to share expert advice with you at no cost to help you take action RIGHT NOW

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