Play - Win - Donate is fun

Play Win Donate Form

By downloading a free mobile game, playing it and sharing it with your friends, you can help our non-profit earn income to support our mission and also earn money and prizes for yourself.  It is a simple donation program that we put together with ink games.  Homebuyers Alliance earns donations through participation.   Once you get your own unique ID, share it with friends, and as they play you will also earn from any in-game purchases for as long as your friends are using the Ink ID.

Have fun while doing good for your community.  It is free to get your ID and free to download and play the game.  No purchases are ever required.  Even better, all future games from Ink games and many other large gaming studios will be using the the Ink ID, and the more friends you get to use your own ID, it will be used throughout many popular games as well as online services, and you will earn royalties from those purchases as well.