Free Resume Screen

Many of the people we help have reported difficulty getting a call back on their submitted resume.  Through our work with experts, we have learned that most companies now use automated applicant tracking systems (ATS) which utilize artificial intelligence (AI) to review resumes prior to a human ever seeing that resume.  

Often, formatting in your resume file can confuse these AI systems and entire sections of your resume content may become unreadable or completely dropped from your resume file before these AI systems even review the contents.

Through a generous donation from an AI technology company we are offering a free AI resume screen for everyone right here on our site.  Simply load your resume and input your email address, and we will email you a plain text file of what these AI applicant tracking systems see in your resume.  Compare this to your formatted resume and make sure that no content has been dropped from it or damaged.    Further instructions will be included in the email.

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